Stuck in Arena 5? Try this new deck!

Hey Guys it Twister Here and im going to share a really fun Lumberjack deck that got me into Legendary arena. This deck is super fun to play with and works really well against most popular decks, such as sparky Lava Hound inferno, and giant bowler.

Lumberjack: Great for countering everything. Hog, Miner, Giant, Giant Skeleton, Golem, and Royal Giant. If behind giant in push can cause major damage with its 200 Damage per hit and .7 second attack speed. This can be replaced by the Mini Pekka but it will not be as effective because of the slow attack speed of the Mini Pekka.

Giant: Your Tank! Should be at least level 6. It can do at least 192 damage depending on the level of your giant. Tank that an be used effectively of defense also. it an be used to stop large pushed with a troop behind such as the lumberjack.

Balloon: Great High damage option. Does at Least 700 damage depending of the Level of your balloon. Is great behind the giant and lumberjack because troops target the Giant first.

Arrows: Yoou must have these ready when you push, People will often put down a minion horde to counter. Arrows can take down many possible counters such as the Skeleton army and minion horde. These will enable your push to reach its full potential.

Zap: Arguably the best card in the game, another spell that is crucial for this deck The inferno tower can take out the giant. Not with the zap. Zap can stop inferno and sparky.

Fireball: Once again another great counter spell. Counters large pushes with witch, wizard, etc. Also counters three musketeers.

Wizard: This will also be a great card to put in your beginning push instead of the lumberjack or if you have enough elixir add it in. This way there is no need for arrows and can take out an defenses coming from the sky.

Minions: great for countering troops like the lava hound, Inferno Dragon, and hog. Deals high damage and can kill air and sky troops.

Overall this is a really fun deck to play with and can be very helpful if used right.
Ii its blazeriver I made this deck a few days ago and have lost 3 battles since. I had been in legendary arena once but was more commonly in builders arena. This deck allowed me to push all the way from early legendary to late frozen peaks, here it is I hope you try it.

Hog: your main form of damage. If your opponent starts a tank behind the crown tower push with hog on the opposite side. This will force him to take the damage or waste elixir and split his push. You can also just use him to delay their pushes or just as a cycle

Zap: the best spell in clash Royale. Try to get the spell to level 8 at least. If your opponent counters your hog with goblins, skarmy, or minions zap them. This will force them to take heavy damage or use more elixir on it rendering their push useless.

Goblin barrel: this card can be many different things. I use goblin barrel as a distraction or an other troop to chip away damage with but I used to use tornado wich is good at spitting up the tank and the damage dealers. You can also use 2 elixir goblins if you want.

Elixir collector:
Yeah this is just a really good card…

Valkire: main defense and good tank. She can counter witch, wizard, musketeers, and all goblins/skeletons. Try to counter push with her as tank and inferno dragon behind.

Mega minion: mega minion is amazing. Use him to counter all ground troops that can’t target air. He will quickly kill hog, Valkyrie, minipekka, and with support most tanks

Guards: use these to counter the prince, dark prince, mini pekka, and witch. (If placed right) guards can distract sparky if you place them correctly, and with backup with destroy pekkas and golems. If you don’t have guards you can use goblins, but guards are better.

Inferno dragon:
This is the key card to this deck. If your opponent drops a tank behind the crown tower match it a few moments later with your inferno dragon. Make sure he locks on to the tank and use valkyrie/mega minion to kill the damage dealers. Once you destroy their push counter push with valkyrie in front of inferno dragon. He will have no elixir from pushing and you will get his tower..

Good Luck!!!

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